Understanding the history of hair extensions in under 5 minutes

Hair extensions are everywhere these days. From celebrities to Instagram influencer and everyday people like you and me, they have become more mainstream. Whether it’s to add some colour, increase their volume or get gorgeous mermaid hair, extensions are becoming part of people’s everyday look.

But this game changer isn’t new. In fact, humans have been using extensions for centuries. In 3400 BC, Egyptians used extensions to add colour to their hair including Cleopatra herself!  There is evidence that wigs and extensions were in fashion at various times around the world but I could only find a concrete history of the Western hemisphere’s use of hair extensions.

According to fashion history, wigs were the fashionable and hygienic choice for women and men in Europe from the 16th-17th centuries. Queen Victoria I started the trend of wearing wigs in the early 1500s, however during the 1600s women would wear their own hair in a huge bouffant. Surprisingly, thanks to a balding King Louis XIII, long, curly wigs were very popular for men during this time. By the 1700s, they became less outrageous and white.

It wasn’t until the late 1800s we saw the emergence of “modern” clip-in hair extensions called “switches.” Women would use these long hair pieces to help create whatever hair style was trendy. From the elegant curly bundles of the Edwardian hairstyles to more modern Pompadour of the early 1900s. Any time volume and length were necessary to achieve a new hairdo, (think Beehive) extensions were involved. During this time hair extensions were synthetic and were not as long lasting as their users hoped. In the 1970s, Brazilian hair became more popular and our love for them has only grown.

It’s kind of cool to think that even our ancestors would look at their hair and think “I would look much better with a few streaks of blue in my hair.” Imagine how amazed they would be at how far hair has come. 

6ixHairExtensions offer three hair extension services:

  • tape in extensions
  • keratin bonded extensions
  • beaded weft hair extensions

We also offer haircuts, hair treatments, product consultation and our website has an extensive range of hair extensions and products available for purchase.

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