Hair Extension Showdown

What Kind of Hair Extensions Do We Offer?

As you probably know, 6ixHairExtensions offer three types of extensions: tape in hair extensions, keratin bonded hair extensions and beaded weft hair extensions. If you’re brand new to extensions, you probably have a lot of questions about what’s the difference between these three types of extensions and which would be suited best to the look you’re hoping to achieve and your hair type. 

What They Have in Common

Extensions, regardless of which kind you decide to purchase, are a great way to change up your look without any long term commitment or use of chemical treatments. And once they’re installed, you can still wash, cut, heat style and even dye them! 

Tape In Extensions

Tape in extensions are probably the most well-known type, after clip-in extensions. The name gives away their whole deal – they’re hair extensions that have tape on one end so you can tape them onto your hair. In truth, the process isn’t that simple but, it isn’t as complicated as the other extensions we offer. Here’s the answer to some FAQs to help you compare. 

Price: $

Time to apply: 40 min – 1 hr

Length of use: 4-12 weeks; hair can be reused if well maintained

Best suited for: thick hair looking for more volume and/or length

Pros: least expensive option, quick and easy application, hair can be reused

Con:  wearing more hair than usually can be uncomfortable at first, putting conditioner on your scalp can weaken the bonds and cause slip. 

Method of application: 

  1. The stylist will section off your hair in a straight line where the extensions will be placed. 
  2. The extensions are sandwiched onto either side of your own hair and taped into place.

Keratin Bonded Extensions

Keratin bonded extensions are made up of small bunches of hair with a keratin-based bonding agent at one end. These are becoming more popular due to their resilience and versatility. 

Price: $$

Time to apply: 2-4 hours

Length of Use: 3-6 months

Best suited for: hair in need of volume

Pros: easily styled after application, long-lasting, keratin beads are easily hidden

Cons: shampoos with harsh sulfates will break down the keratin. This will cause the bonds to weaken much sooner, making the life of your extensions shorter.  

Method of application:

  1. The hairstylist parts your hair in straight rows. 
  2. The extensions are attached to your hair at the root by using a heating tool or ultrasonic waves to melt the keratin bead so that it sticks to the hair. 

Beaded Weft Extensions

Beaded weft extensions are a new player in the hair world. They are long strips of hair that are placed strategically around your head.

Price: $$

Time to apply: 1-2 hours

Length of use: 4-8 weeks

Best for: adding length

Pros: no heat using in application which means little to no damage, hair can be reused

Cons: if your hair is very, very thin the weft will show through, might be too heavy for sensitive scalps

Method of application: 

  1. The hairstylist separates your hair into straight rows. 
  2. Then the stylist applies the clips of the extensions. 
  3. Using a crochet hook-like tool, the stylist weaves your hair into the beads and clamps them shut with players

The Winner?

That’s up to you to decide. You know your hair best and what you want to achieve using extensions. If you’re still unsure, or have more specific questions than what I discussed here don’t hesitate to book a free consultation with us and we’ll be happy to help you on your hair journey.

6ixHairExtensions offer three hair extension services:

  • tape in extensions
  • keratin bonded extensions
  • beaded weft hair extensions

We also offer haircuts, hair treatments, product consultation and our website has an extensive range of hair extensions and products available for purchase.

For more information or to book an appointment feel free to contact us at: 437-488-8429 or

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