How do I buy my extensions?

Once you’ve decided what kind of extensions and determined how many packs you’ll need, click add to cart. When you’re ready to check out follow the prompts on the screen and fill out the appropriate information. If you have any questions about how many packs to buy, colour matching or just want to talk more about the process, book a free consultation with us.

What’s the difference between tape in, keratin bonded and beaded weft extensions?

The main difference is in the application method. Tape in extensions already have tape attached to them which is sandwiched between two sections of hair.

Keratin bonded extensions have a bead of keratin-based “glue” attached to them. The glue is melted to fuse the extensions to your hair using heat or ultrasonic waves.

Beaded weft extensions have both clips and metal  beads. The extensions are first clipped in and then using a crochet-like tool, your hair is weaved into the beads which are then clamped into place.

For more information about the differences check out our blog on this topic here.

Can hair extensions cause hair loss?

No, hair extensions do not cause hair loss. 

How do I maintain my hair extensions?

The best thing you can do for your hair extensions is to use the right products. Sulphate free, moisturizing shampoo, conditioner and styling product to maintain the bonds and integrity of the hair.

Since the extensions aren’t receiving any of the oils your scalp naturally produces, they can dry out, so try to avoid overwashing them. 

Are your extensions made of human hair?

Yes! Our extensions are 100% Remy human hair!

How long do they last? Are extensions reusable?

On average, the extensions last 4-8 weeks before needing to be redone, depending on what kind of extensions you have and how well you maintained them.

If you choose to use tape in or beaded weft extensions, and they are well maintained, you will be able to reuse your extensions for up to a year.

How are hair extensions removed?

Hair extensions should always be removed by a trained professional.  

Can I dye my hair with extensions in it?

Yes! You can dye your extensions but only when they are not attached to your head.  We also recommend only dying the extensions a lighter colour. Bleach and lightening agents can be very damaging to extensions.

What extensions are best for my hair type? Can I use hair extensions that are a different texture than my hair?

Determining what type of extensions are best for you is different for each person. We recommend booking a free consultation and we will help you choose what extensions are best for your hair. 

Yes, our extensions can be curled, texturized and styled to blend seamlessly with your hair.